By michael • • 12 Mar 2010

Film and television composer credits are usually relegated to a stream of names flying past at the end of a piece. It is incredibly rewarding to have heard from so many of you who made the effort to get in touch and respond to my work. Below are many of the themes about which I’ve gotten positive feedback.

Thank you for listening,



Ain’t No Train
I Look At You






Buddha Open

Buddha End

why are we wasting time

Wasting Time

faces of america

boy interrupted - the movie soundtrack

Boy Interrupted – Introduction
Boy Interrupted – Birth
Boy Interrupted – Towells

marie antoinette pbs

Marie Antoinette

This Emotional Life PBS

Teddy in His Own Words HBO

Teddy: In His Own Words – Dallas
Teddy: In His Own Words – Bobby Runs
Teddy: In His Own Words – Open

Bill Moyers Journal

Bill Moyers Journal



Jewish Americans on PBS

The Jewish Americans – New World
The Jewish Americans – Promised Land
The Jewish Americans – The Rosenbergs


The Windsors PBS

The Windsors: A Royal Family

Loverboy - directed by Kevin Bac

Loverboy – Purple
Loverboy – Chicago

The Wright Brothers PBS

The Wright Stuff: The Life of Orville and Wilbur Wright

Amelia Earhart PBS

Amelia Earhart

Admiral Byrd PBS


Andrew Carnegie PBS

The Richest Man in the World



American Experience – The Presidents


FDR – Theme
FDR – Fun
The Kennedys
LBJ Theme (Waltz Theme By Taizee)